Automotive Window Tint – Benefits, Laws and Exceptions

car window tinting collingwood parkOne car accessory that has already become a necessity is the automotive window films. It has already become mostly popular as it is not just a mean of luxury and design but it has also a favourite addition as it provides added benefits.

The most common reason for car window tinting is that it adds style and protection to the car. Other than that, car drivers and passengers also enjoy sun protection, increased privacy and glare reduction. Automotive window films have qualities that promote protection in the event of an accident or theft. In addition, the film’s shatter-proofing quality and theft deterrent feature are advantages many people consider when considering car window tint. It is no wonder why many car owners choose to have their car windows tinted.

Know the tinting law

Before you choose to have your car windows tinted, it is important to know the tinting laws in your area. Different states provide different laws in regards to legal tint. Some states may not allow tint to be placed on the front but are possible to have at the back and sides. Some states also prohibit very dark tints on vehicles so make sure to check on those first.

Are you exempt from the tinting law?

Drivers with valid vision or medically related condition that requires darker window tint than the law required will need to present a legally obtained document from the doctor. Some medical conditions that can apply for the exemption are lupus, melanoma, sunlight allergy and photosensitivity.

Drivers under this exemptions should be able to provide the proper documentation to the officer when stopped. The document should include your condition, the period of validity, and your vehicle model and make. Having proper documents ready whenever you drive your car will minimize the hassle when stopped by an officer.